Thank you so very much for allowing us to participate with Wrapped in Love! And many more thanks goes to all of your dedicated master blanket makers. Our Hillman Volunteers are so pleased to be a part of the” Wrapped in Love “ campaign, because of the joy such a beautiful and unexpected gift as a handmade blanket. The response from the patients is as heart- warming as blankets themselves!
There are hundreds of patients that come to receive chemotherapy every week. Because there are more patients than blankets available, the Wrapped in Love blankets are distributed weekly to these treatment patients by way of a lottery. Wrapped in Love is a gift that keeps on giving. As each time a blanket is used by the recipient, they recall the blessing of being “Wrapped in Love.” We hope that your foundation continues to grow as the word spreads about the joy and comfort you bring to so many people.
God bless you and all the dedicated members who craft and support Wrapped in Love.
Peg Ridings

The Women’s Cancer Center at Magee was fortunate to receive about 50 blankets from Wrapped in Love. They came just before the holidays and the staff had a great time handing out “gifts” to our patients. The patients were very grateful and so surprised that there are so many wonderful volunteers who care enough to make these beautiful blankets. They had fun choosing from so many different patterns…it was like they were out shopping. Thank you and all of your volunteers for warm hearts and warm blankets.
Mary Fore, RN, MEd, MSN, OCN
Unit Director, Women’s Cancer Center & Infusion Center
You can’t believe how much our patients have appreciated the blankets. Several of our patients who have had to return to the hospital for a variety of reasons have brought their blankets with them stating that it not only brings them warmth, but comfort too. Keep up the good work!
Karen Robinson
Manager Oncology Unit, Forbes Regional Hospital
On behalf of the staff and patients at UPMC Cancer Center Upper St. Clair. I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful blankets and tote bags you brought to us in December. The patients were so appreciative of such a thoughtful gift. Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness.
Linda A. Pica
MBA Manager, UPMC Cancer Center, Upper St. Clair
The patients that we serve through the Look Good –Feel Better Program are thrilled to get the blankets from Wrapped in Love. At a time in their lives when they need all the comfort they can get, these blankets are the perfect “Extra” gift! Our volunteers comment often about how pleased they are to help us distribute the blankets and how much they are appreciated.
Kristen Cain
Health Initiatives Assistant, American Cancer Society
You are the beauty of the earth today! No matter what bad happens knowing you are there helps. The blanket is great! D.M.
Thank you so much for the ladybug blanket, it made me smile as soon as I saw it, One thing I learned from having cancer there are still a lot of people in the world. Thank you for being one of them. C.C.
Thank you so very much for my beautiful blanket. I couldn’t believe it , when during my chemotherapy they asked me if I wanted one for free! It is always so cold on the chemo floor, so I enjoyed the warmth of the blanket while thinking of the thoughtful, generous and kind person who made it. D.K.
You gave my brother a reason to smile during a very difficult time in his life. This we appreciate more than words can explain. R.W.
I was at Magee Hospital today and received a beautiful blanket. I was very surprised! Thank you for your precious time and the warm blanket. I will use it all the time. D.M.
Really, someone I don’t know took the trouble to make this for me? This is really mine? Anonymous patient. Texas Oncology Center
I wish to convey my most sincere appreciation for your thoughtfulness, prayers and beautiful blanket. All have been very comforting to me. E.T.
Thank you so very much for the beautiful blanket. I will never forget all the love that was put into it. Organizations like your keep us in comfort. J.K.
Get Involved Wrapped in Love provides blankets, providing support and love for those suffering from cancer. We welcome all types of NEW handmade blankets to donate to patients in area hospitals. Recommended size (50x60) Hand-made quilts, Crocheted/knitted, No-Sew Polar fleece-tied blankets and HAND-MADE blankets.
Our Mission Inspired by the memory of James Emmerich, the mission of Wrapped in Love is to ease suffering among cancer patients and others with serious illnesses around the world by distributing blankets that bring comfort, peace and joy and remind all of us that we are children at heart.