Accommodation in Nepal

Accommodation in Kathmandu - Kathmandu Sunny Hotel

If you are worried of how fancy the accommodation in Nepal is, then no worries-there are countless hotels and lodges offering wide-range of services from Budget type to 5-stars, like the one available in many Asian countries.

No matter where you are, there is always a place where you can spend your night. In the developed cities, hotels, lodges, and guesthouses are the available options, while in the Upper-high Himalayas, there are tea-houses and homestay services accessible at ridiculous prices.

Even in most of the extreme off-the-beaten tracks, you may expect some teahouses, guesthouses or trekking lodges. This clearly shows that worrying about accommodation in Nepal is of no value.


Accommodation in Nepal is affordable, virtually, by anyone. The prices vary depending on time and place.

Also, Budget does matter in the services you are expecting from the service provider. The higher you pay, the more luxury you will receive.

Costs generally range from $2 to $40 for budget type services. However, some may charge even more, which means they are offering more services than their counterparts.

If cost isn’t a big deal, then 3-star hotels are available even at the extreme elevations such as in Everest and Annapurna region with exceptional services. In relatively developed cities like Pokhara and Kathmandu, the prices for some hotels, particularly 5-stars, may exceed $200 for a night stay.


The standard of Accommodation varies dramatically depending upon where you like to stay: budget hotel, 3-star hotel, or 5-star hotel. Most of the similar type hotels and lodges have similar pricing-with negligible fluctuations.

Because there are no effective regulating bodies in Nepal for accommodation, some hotels may lure the customer with unbelievable cheap prices. But they may not be of good quality. Therefore, it is very much necessary to read reviews before booking a room.


Tea houses and lodges

Teahouses and lodges are the best choices for accommodation, especially for the trekkers in the Himalayas. Prices for staying in Tea houses are relatively cheaper, which shows that they are generally of low standards- with a wooden bed and a pillow (woolen blanket if lucky).

You may grab a cup of tea or coffee and sit around a fireplace like other fellow trekkers and chew a chat about the amazing moments you have had during trekking.

Guest Houses

Guest houses vary from one place to another with fluctuating prices: from simple budget one to well-appointed.

Guesthouses, especially for tourists, are well-equipped with modern-day amenities such as high-speed wifi and Hot Shower. Because load-shedding is a major problem in Nepal, do inquire whether there are generators in case the electricity goes off.


As said before, hotels range from Budget hotels to 5-star hotels.

Budget hotels usually have en-suite facilities with satellite-tv, AC, Queen-bed or twin-bed, and High-speed wifi. Some of these do ask you to pay an extra charge for additional services such as laundry.

On the other hand, 3-star hotels provide good quality service along with basic accommodation facilities. These hotels don’t compromise anything for the customers’ satisfaction.

Likewise, the better are 4-stars and 5-stars with exceptional services and luxurious amenities.

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