About Nepal


Positioned in between the worldly giants-China in the north and India in the other 3 flanks- Nepal is a diverse nation. Over 100 languages echo in the land of Nepal: each speaker with his own culture and belief system. The bonds of religious beliefs are intact, and the rhythms of rituals mingle with the chirping of domestic fowls to induce a lyrical setting. Festivals dictate gratitude to God for everything he has bestowed upon us. Even for the celebration of the same festival, the procession varies from one place to another. This is one of the things that makes us unique.

Nepal is also geographically diverse with an amazing variety of landscapes-all within southern flat Terai to Northern Rocky Mountains. Virtually, the whole country is painted with rough terrain. The climate ranges from hot and humid to cold and dry. Skies are clear almost throughout the year. Northern Snowy peaks feed zillions of tributaries intruding through narrow ravines into hidden valleys. Approximately, 37 % of the total land is forested that supports the lives of countless flora and fauna.

The fabulous diversity in plants and animals has added another dimension to the beauty of Nepal, found nowhere else on the planet. Faunas, with endless patience, dance in the tranquil setting of the jungle. Of the total number of species found globally, forests in Nepal hosts 3.96% of mammals, 3.72% of Butterflies, and 8.9% of birds (source = welcomenepal.com). Bengal Tiger, one-horned rhinoceros, snow-leopard, etc. are some of the faunas that the world has marked as being endangered, but these lives are happy to be Nepalese. Himalayan birds are legendary, from the frisky cuckoos to the colorful Dhanfe above the ridges. With all these varieties, Nepal has arrested the hearts of millions of nature-loving bees and researchers from all over the globe.

Not to be missed, Nepalese predecessors and former rulers have paid a great deal in polishing this country with all vigor and elegance. Because of that, today, its shine dazzles the eyes of all those who visit this land with pleasure and mystery. How that palace of Patan (abode of ancient Malla kings) was built is still an enigma. Likewise, Kathmandu Durbar Square is another marvel of architecture with delicate carvings all over the walls and windows. Most of the structure was built in Pagoda structure by ancient Newars. The massive mandala of Boudhanath has left no eye without wonder.

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