Online Payment Security Policy

Here at ‘Holy Mountain Treks’, we take online security seriously as we are primarily dedicated to provide safe and secure travel/payment services to our clients. We update the security levels on our web pages daily so that our clients don’t feel any kind of uneasiness while booking with us. Furthermore, we strongly recommend that our clients upgrade their browsers if they wish to increase their online security while dealing with any type of purchases online.

To ensure that our customers feel confident in making their purchases, we have integrated several encryption techniques to create a complex system for ensuring our online payment security. We maintain the highest level of online payment security to secure the data of our customers. When making payments online, one must think about how secure their transactions are. After all, no one wants to pay online and later on find out that they got scammed or their payments got hacked by some third-party unknown to both the customer and the company.

We do our utmost to avoid incidence of online frauds and scams by taking the matter of online payment seriously. Usually, customers stay cautious while giving out their personal data and credit card information online. But when you are making a payment to us, you can rest assure that your transactions will be transferred securely due to our end-to-end encryption which maintains the integrity of transactions carried out online.