Mustang Region

Featuring exquisite landmarks, tantalizing natural scenery, ten-thousand-year-old caves, towering red buildings and structures, eccentric cultural norms and rich historical affluences, Mustang region is a place that never fails to amaze the heart and souls of travelers who simply want to make the best out of their holidays in Nepal.

Geographically situated close to the renowned Annapurna region, trekkers typically need to fly into Pokhara city which is regarded as one of the best travel destinations of Nepal. Traveling towards Mustang region, you get to experience a never before seen cultural amalgamation of Tibetan cultures and traditions along with stunning topographical terrains. Discover the beauty of traveling inside the spectacular Mustang region and immerse yourself into the reddish landscapes. In addition to that, you can also taste the authentic Nepalese cuisines of local indigenous people who have been living here several centuries. Moreover, you can also feel the rustic old charms of people thriving within the extravagant natural setting of Mustang.

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