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parashu nepal

Parashu Ram Nepal

Tour Guide / Manager

Mr. Parashu Ram Nepal is a manager of this company. A curious, knowledgeable, and well-experienced Parashu is also a license holder tour guide. Spending more than a decade in the tourism industry, he has organized several tours and treks. Moreover, he has led several groups inside and outside of Kathmandu valley. An awe-inspiring person Mr. Nepal knows several aspects, including culture, history, religions, tourism, hospitality, and many more.

Ram Chandra Khatiwoda - Professional Trekking Guide

Ramchandra Khatiwada

Trekking Guide

Born in the Gorkha district, Ramchandra Khatiwada exhibits attributes of a true Gorkhali. Good-natured, professional, and passionate about his work, Mr. Khatiwada is a government-licensed trekking guide who is affiliated with the same agency. He also holds more than eight years of experience as a guide.

A travel enthusiast himself, his vigorous personality, invaluable insight, and expertise in the field are a few of his qualities that are second to none in the business. In addition, his zeal for ensuring the safety and comfort of the clients, along with his quick thinking and swift acting abilities, makes him one of the greatly admired guides for Trekking adventures. Besides these, he has in-depth knowledge of Nepalese culture, traditions, and lifestyle.

At the end of 2011, he started his journey in the trekking sector as a porter until the year 2013. Then, he has never looked back. Filled with the ambition to explore his own country blessed with natural splendor in company with people from around the globe, he acquired his trekking guide license that enabled him to traverse the entire Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, and Mustang regions of Nepal.

While pursuing his aspirations, he got a window of opportunity to learn about foreign countries, their culture, and traditions. Fluent in English, Nepali, and Hindi languages, Mr. Khatiwada takes pride in being a Nepalese when he discovers countless praises of his beloved homeland throughout the exchange of conversations with his clientele.

prakash khatiwada

Prakash Khatiwada

Trekking Guide

Prakash Khatiwada was born and raised in Dhading. Amiable and competent, he struggled his way to the top.  Starting his career as a porter for 3 years, he possesses more than 6 years of experience as a guide; currently affiliated with Holy Mountain Treks.

He is an enthusiastic trekking guide who has explored each and every trekking trail of Nepal, which is situated in widely celebrated regions of Nepal including Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, and Mustang.

A fluent speaker of English, Nepali, and Hindi languages, Prakash has excellent communication skills that when combined with his friendly nature allow him to function as a bridge between native communities and clientele during the trekking escapade.

Due to this, his clients acquire detailed insight into local communities and their traditional lifestyles. Blessed with the characteristic of an ideal guide along with his commitment to his work, Prakash is always preferred by customers to guide them throughout their trek beyond the sublime terrains of Nepal.

Moreover, he is well known around the town for his tireless efforts to make his customers feel comfortable and safe while traversing the remote Himalayan countryside.

Ramesh Wagle

Ramesh Wagle

Trekking Guide

Ramesh is a diligent, well-trained, and experienced trekking guide.  As an individual who loves traveling, he has traversed many trekking regions of Nepal including Everest, Langtang, and Annapurna. His friendly nature and reliability are what make him one of our most capable employees.

With a good command of English and Nepali languages, he possesses exceptional socializing skills that ensure an enjoyable trekking adventure for our clients. Furthermore, he is very knowledgeable about Nepalese mountain routes and the local communities, their culture, and their traditional lifestyle. 


Pooja Giri

Trekking Guide / Tour Guide

I am a young, enthusiastic, and ambitious girl who is very fond of traveling. Because of preferences, I decided to develop my career in the tourism sector as a tourist and trekking guide after the pursuit of my undergraduate degree.

I have been working as a tourist guide since August 2018. I love to interact with new people, make new friends along the hiking journey. With my good command over the English language, I had led the way of many travel enthusiasts around Kathmandu as part of ‘city tours’ as well as beyond several hike routes in Nepal such as Dhulikhel -Namobuddha, Nagarkot –Changunarayan, and Sankhu-Nagarkot-Shivapuri-Sundarijal. I

had always dreamt of going on adventurous escapades, especially an audacious trekking venture to the mighty Himalayas which is a challenge in itself. In order to transform my fantasy into reality, I underwent intense trekking guide training and acquired my Trekking Guide License.

As a full-fledged Trekking Guide, I have trekked along with a handful of trails in the Annapurna Region and possess a fondness for knowledgeable books and nature. Moreover, I like to utilize my free time by learning new things and exploring pristine trails. My aim is to traverse every corner of my motherland and contribute to her development with everything I have got in my power.


Puja Pathak

Trekking Guide

Puja Pathak is counted as one of our finest guide with whom we have had the chance to work with her since 2017. She is young energetic girl, and had dedication towards travel. So that she is one of the well known faces. She can speak English well and able to answer the entire questions. She did Annapurna circuit, Mustang trek. She has vast knowledge of Nepal and its culture. Her main attention is how to make the customer to feel comfortable and enjoyable trip to make it as memorable as she can.

Tak Bahadur Gurung

Trekking Guide

One of our professional trekking leader, Tak was born and raised in the remote section of the Himalayan district- Gorkha (the place of brave soldiers). Beginning his journey as a porter, Tak has trekked almost every trekking destinations of Nepal. Leading the guests in the different trekking trails of Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, and Mustang regions is very common for him.

Smart, loyal, kind and hospitable individualities make him easier to be familiar with the guests easily. Working in another company for a numerous years as a porter and trekking leader, Tak joined Holy Mountain Treks in 2019 and has continuously been working with us as a trekking/porter guide. Doing so, he has gained valuable knowledge and experience about trekking in the numerous destinations of Nepal.

Tek Prasad Dhungana

Tek Prasad Dhungana

Trekking Guide

Courteous and tender in nature, Tek loves to explore his native country and comprehend its natural grandeur as well as vivid culture and traditional lifestyle. Further, he has an unwavering team spirit that when combined with his simplicity and kindliness makes him a top-notch guide who makes certain his clients experience the bliss of the trekking venture in the land of Himalayas. Devoted to his profession, Mr Dhungana has an energetic personality which aids him to get along with his travel companions. One thing is for sure, he never ceases to amaze the people around him!!