Why Holy Mountain Treks

Travel with a purpose

We believe a Meaningful travel experience can change your life. It is the real-life local experiences with the local people that puts life in the journey. An appealing highlight might look awesome at a glance, but the real triggering moment can only be found in the subtle actions: such as in a smile of a playing kid in the village, or in the lovely hands of a grandma knitting a blanket. That little moment is enough to inspire you. It cannot be found elsewhere on the internet- not even in a virtual tour. Therefore, every trip that we offer has a purpose- a meaning. We provide the local knowledge and experiences to you so that you could approach locals and their lifestyle at first hand. We are dedicated to providing you a meaningful trip.

Your Safety, Our Priority

Safety is our primary concern. We know that the adventurous journeys can be full of risks. The changing trail and weather patterns might lead you astray in the middle of the mountains. Therefore, with our professional local guides, who are well acquainted with the places and nature, we are able to slice out those anticipated dangers during the trek. We provide all the necessary trekking gears and equipment that might be useful during the expedition. Plus, our travel operating team stays alert of the recent news and updates about the destination you are traveling to in order to keep you in the safe zone. Therefore, we are so proud to say that Your Safety is Our Priority.

Our Reliable and Flexible Guides

Our guides are licensed by the Government of Nepal, and all of them has the experience of over 3 years. They are friendly in nature and are well paid by the company. One shared passion among all of our guides is to meet new people and to talk with them. This may be the reason why most of our clients find our guides flexible during the trip. They work to bring out the best out of the available resources and give you a chance to enroll in the unexpected ceremonies if any is happening in the villages you are traveling across. They can be relied upon as they are the permanent member of our company and are happy to travel.

Our Hassle-free itineraries

None of our packages are recklessly designed. Each of them is crafted meticulously by our experienced and passionate travel planners. The primary thing that we check in our itineraries is that whether our clients will have enough time to spend in the places where they travel across because that is what matters at the end of the journey. Plus, we also look for the ideal acclimatization stations and separate a day-out for it to keep our trekkers safe from the altitude-related complications. Therefore, all of our packages are hassle-free and are well-thought-out.

Our Affordable packages

Cost plays an important part no matter where you are traveling. The money is the primary key for a cozy travel experience. However, the low cost of packages doesn’t mean less adventure or filthy accommodation. The quality accommodations, healthy foods, and fun-filled trip are the unavoidable segments of any expedition. Therefore, by skipping the unnecessary days and luxurious stays, we shape out ideal packages which are not only affordable but full of fun. Traveling with us will help you save your money and make perfectly outstanding memories at a reasonable price.

Your money is safe and valued

We treasure your investment and give you the full advantage out of it. The quality of your trip is our topmost priority, so we can say that your money is valued. Plus, by being registered in the Department of Tourism (Government of Nepal) and multiple other trekking-allied agencies such as Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), and Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal (TAAN), we assure you that your money is safe with us. Also, our payment partner (Himalayan Bank Ltd.) is a trusted banking option in Nepal for safe foreign transactions of money.

Freedom for a change

Most of our packages are customizable, which means they can be modified upon request. First, we will jot down your requirements and expectations and, as per that, design a suitable itinerary to fit your interest and resources. We provide you the freedom to choose the accommodation and food options during the trip. However, this part greatly depends upon the pricing as well. You have the freedom to choose which side-trip you wanted to go along and which one to skip. But the primary concern is, your choices must meet the environmental safety standards, which is one of our priorities. Otherwise, you are completely free for a change.

24 x 7 Customer Support

All of your inquiries will be promptly replied by our customer service professionals. Having said that, our travel planners themselves are keen to solve out your inquiries which will give you the specific answers to your curiosity. They are perceptive enough to understand your requirements; therefore, it is easy for you to express your requirements. We are available for 24 x 7 hours. However, it is sometimes not possible to respond so quickly. Even in the worst case, we will get your inquiries solved within 2 business days.