What to buy in Nepal?

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Nepal is a diverse, multi-religious, multi-ethnic, arty Himalayan country. There is unity in diversity. The souvenirs you find here grasp historical and religious value. Some of them carry hidden meanings as well.

Varieties of mementos can be bought as a gift, memories, and religious faiths. You can buy several hand-made things as well which are artistic and culturally rich.

Specially, you can buy things in Thamel and Durbar Marg of Kathmandu, Lakeside of Pokhara, and other religious, cultural, and historical places like Swyambhunath, Boudhanath, Patan, Bhaktapur as well.

Some of the popular effects to buy in Nepal for souvenirs are as follows.



Thanka is an anomalous hand sketch on cotton or silk. It mainly portrays a Buddhist divinity Buddhist legends or mandala. The boundaries of the streamers of the Thanka are attractive. You can find Thangkas in different colors and sizes.

They are some of the best souvenirs and it is worth buying them.



Handicraft is another major source of income in Nepal.  It has a good space in the international markets as well.

Some of the handicrafts you can buy in Nepal are metal statues, wood carving, bells, vajra, stone sculptures, bone & horn products, prayer wheels, puppets, pottery items, masks of local gods, and so on. 

Singing Bowls


 Most of the singing bowls are made up of metal.  They produce a soothing sound that arises a deep state of slackening which naturally assists one in entering into meditation, the ultimate goal being enlightened.

As you rub it with a wooden stick the deep and comforting sound arises. They are decorated internally as well as externally.



Nepal produces approximately 16.29 million kilograms of tea per annum on an area of 16,718 hectares which is 0.4 % of the total tea input. It is hand-made as well as machine rolled. Varieties of Nepali tea such as Nepali tea, Mint tea, Darjeeling tea, Illam tea, and several others are found in Nepal.

Drinking tea makes you refresh and there are health benefits of Nepali tea as well.  

You can be addicted if you test the local tea of Nepal. It is another best souvenir and is worth buying it.

Statues and masks


Nepal is unique in art and architecture. Different places of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur Lalitpur, and Pokhara offer several sorts of statues and masks. People create different statues of local Hindu and Buddhist gods and goddesses. 

They also offer masks for several types of mythical creatures. Some masks are used in religious mimicry or cultural antique dances as well.



Khukuri is a knife having a distinct recurve in the blade is popular for the "Gurkha knife" throughout the world.

Mainly it is a chopping weapon but has multiple functions such as building, clearing, chopping firewood, digging, slaughtering animals for food, cutting meat and vegetables, skinning animals, and opening cans.

So, it is also considered a great souvenir in Nepal.

Moreover, you should know about the security check while transporting it. Sometimes, there can be a problem while transferring it.



One of the most popular souvenirs in Nepal is Pashmina- the light, soft and warm product from the soft hair of the Himalayan goats. Varieties of the Pashmina products can be bought in the markets of Nepal ranging from water Pashmina to cotton or silk mixtures to 100% Pashmina.

Not only the pashmina shawls or scarves, but you can also find cardigans, blankets, and stoles of Pashmina in the markets. These products are hand-spun or handmade using real fiber. But you should check carefully before buying the products to meet the authentic quality. 


Tibetan Prayer Flags /Dar Cho


Throughout the country, you can see the prayer flags in Nepal. From the houses, monasteries, stupas, high passes, and even in the summits, you can glimpse them. These multicolored flags are used for well-being and fortune.

It is said that the symbols, mantras, and the sacred texts in the flags generate the spiritual vibrations to the prayers. As it is a scary thing, you can buy and gift your beloved ones for their welfare.

Nepali Dhaka products


Dhaka is made up of cotton fabric weaving in the outmoded loom. Diverse products of Dhaka as hats, shirts bed sheets, handkerchiefs, table mats reflect Nepali craftsmanship vividly. As they are in the colorful design, they become remarkable and recognizable handicrafts.

The Dhaka clothes from top to bottom are worn by the groom on the wedding day which replicates the Nepali culture. When you gift the Dhaka products, your women look elegant and the man seems glamorous.

Jewelry and Beads


You can find diverse varieties of locally made centuries-old Jewelry in Nepal. That jewelry may pass from several generations and is still preserved.

You can buy readymade souvenirs from gold, silver, copper, yak bone, or beads.

The price of gold and silver may change every day which you can find on the internet easily. You can find different forms of them as rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and many more. 



As bargaining is popular in the shops of Nepal, please request a discount while buying the souvenirs. You can visit many shops before buying things here.


Not only the aforementioned things, but you can also buy other souvenirs such as Himalayan Honey, Rice Paper Products, Species, Prayer Wheels, Pottery, Musical Instruments, Trekking Gears, and Equipment and several others in Nepal. 


I hope you will have a special souvenir for your beloved ones from this amazing country.   

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Hello, I am an Amazon seller and I am looking for interesting items for home use. Is there a Trade fair in Nepal? If you could give me some information, i would be very greatfull. Klaus Sebok

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Krishna | Feb 07, 2021

Hi Klaus Sebok Namaste We are fully a tour and trekking company. As our guests from different parts of the world enquire us to mention what they can buy in Nepal. The aforementioned items can be found in different shops of Kathmandu and Pokhara. We have no specific ideas regarding the Trade fair in Nepal.

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