Annapurna Region


Filled with exotic Himalayan scenery and rustic life experiences of several rural communities of Nepal, Annapurna region is filled up with enchanting trekking trails and routes that are largely popular among foreign trekkers from all around the world. Annapurna region is one of most popular trekking routes in Nepal. Just like Everest region, the Annapurna region is also abundant with eye-catching glimpses of Himalayan mountains. After all who would not love to see ginormous snowcapped mountains gleaming over the heavenly blue sky while trekking through some of the most picturesque, remote regions of Nepal.

At a glance

Normally beginning from Pokhara city, the Annapurna region is reached by travelers who want to spend some of their holidays in one Nepal’s iconic trekking region. Charming villages, lovely Himalayan scenery and enriching cultural experiences await those who are willing to travel in the western part of Nepal where they will be able to experience a journey of their lifetime while getting close to nature and wilderness. The natural freshness of this region is highly addictive as you will enjoy a thrilling adventure while trekking up and down through the Annapurna Conservation Area which covers a large portion of Annapurna region. Hence, trekkers will be able to travel, explore and spend their precious time with some of the Nepal’s most heartening ethnic communities and be able to witness a fascinating abundance of wildlife and vegetation along their trek routes.

Annapurna region is not famous just for Annapurna Base Camp but also for places like Ghorepani, Poonhill, Khopra Danda and Jhinu Danda. So, if you are that kind of trekker who has more interest in visiting places that are off the beaten path and have less crowds of tourists then Annapurna region will cover that as well. Apart from that, trekkers can expect to see a never before seen side of Nepal that is unknown to them as this region is naturally and culturally blessed with awe-inspiring places for you to explore.

Best time to visit

One of the first important question that comes to one’s mind before traveling to Nepal for trekking purposes is “When to go? or When is the best time to visit Nepal?”. Simply but thoroughly, we will be answering that particular question here and help you decide on when to visit Nep Show More

How to reach Annapurna region?

Pokhara (via flight) There are several means to get into Annapurna region but via flight is comparatively the best means to reach Annapurna region till date specially if you don’t have much travel days to spend in Nepal. Also, a direct flight to Pokhara from Kathmandu doesn’t cost you Show More

Popular Touristic Sites of Annapurna Region

1) Pokhara Whenever someone plans to go travel inside Annapurna region, Pokhara is bound to come up to them no matter what. Not just because it’s the gateway to it. But also, because it is one of the most beautiful cities of Nepal. And my friend that is not an understatement from me. Pokhara Show More

Difficulty of treks inside Annapurna Region

Taking you to the phenomenal base camp of the world’s tenth highest mountain – Mt. Annapurna, the Annapurna Base Camp Trek is one of the most popular trek sin the world. Offering vast topological, cultural and geographical diversities, trekkers who embark on a journey to Annapurna Base C Show More