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“Walking around the historical sites of Kathmandu is like wandering in the medieval times.”, many admire.

Kathmandu is a historic city, bedecked with the rich culture, flabbergasting festivals, marvelous architectural wonders, and people with extreme faith in God. This city has long stayed as a hub for art fanatics. For centuries, the unique wooden craftsmanship of the Newars has baffled the virtuous artists from the well-known world of arts.

What’s more, the real magic of Kathmandu manifests its beauty from the surrounding viewpoints that offer soul-piercing views of the snow-clad peaks. While the high pastures around these vantages are popular for Yogas, the surrounding forest is rich in wild flora and fauna, including some of the endangered species. It is a haven for birdwatchers.

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Architectural Landmarks

Within the Kathmandu valley only, there are 7 World Heritage Sites, each with the unique hallmarks that distinguish them from one another.

Among them, Patan Durbar Square, Kathmandu Durbar Square, and Bhaktapur Durbar Square are the three Royal mansions that were built between the 15th and 17th centuries.

These edifices are garnished with the intricate designs and complicated carvings of imaginary gods and demons.

Plus, the courtyards are graced with the delicate sculptures of godly heads, which makes these historical mansions one of the most beautiful architectural pieces in the world.

When you go sightseeing around these places, you will notice these heritages shining even from a far distance. The mystery behind these complexes is, yet, unknown, but we can assume that it may be because of the artistic rivalry between the neighboring Kingdoms.

Hiking & Camping

Kathmandu is a valley, surrounded by hills and rocky cliffs on all sides. Many of these hilltops offer outstanding views of the snow-laden peaks that rise from the far-away Himalayas.

While the lodges are the most popular choice for accommodation at these vantage points, some of them render camping options for overnight stay. So, Kathmandu is the best place to go for Hiking & Camping.

Kakani is one of the most popular places to witness the glory of Ganesh Himal (mountain) and Langtang Moraine. This place is, indeed, the heart of Nuwakot (one day trip from Kathmandu), whose beauty has remained unblemished despite the countless visit made by zillions of domestic and international travelers.

By the same token, Nagarkot hill station is famous for its spectacular golden sunrise. The magnificent realm of heaven is what comes to our mind when we first see the glorious sun rising above the mountainous horizon. It is very much intoxicating up there.

Besides that, there are other several hiking and side trip options that branch off from Kathmandu, alluding to Kathmandu as one of the best-hiking destinations.

Nature & Parks


Parks and Natural recreational grounds are quite randomly dotted throughout the Kathmandu valley. These parks have fascinated almost every visitor with the hunch of natural purity and tranquility. Among many of these places, Garden of Dreams is a popular name.

Built in the early 20th century, the Garden of Dreams has much more commonality with the European-styled gardens. It is a neo-classical historical parkland with a large pond at its center.

The flower garden is meticulously nurtured, to release a fresh fragrance of joy and enthusiasm among the visitors. This garden highly contrasts with the hustle and bustle of the Kathmandu valley.

Chandragiri Hills, Balaju Water Garden, National Botanical Garden, Amideva Buddha Park, etc. are other beautiful parks that have made Kathmandu stands out as the most beautiful flower in this global garden of artificiality.

Shopping Tours


Kathmandu is one of the best places to go for shopping tours. Some several stalls and vendors sell souvenirs, handicraft items, cashmere clothes, Jewelry, Pashmina Shawls, Nepali fabrics, Tibetan Singing bowls, Nepali bags, Khukuri, and many other items.

Typically, for the buyers of wooden craft items, Backstreet Academy is widely popular. In this place, you may also learn how to carve the monstrous faces in the woods and take back a self-made facial portrait to home.

To purchase the high-quality Pashmina Shawl at wholesale price, Himalayan Cashmere shop is the best place to go. Its products can be trusted and are available at excellent prices.

On the same token, if you are looking forward to purchasing beads and pieces of jewelry in Nepal, then you need to take a pro man along with you, who could distinguish the quality of beads.

Because of all these things, Nepal, particularly Kathmandu, can be titled as a shopping hub, especially for travelers.

Art Galleries


As said earlier, Nepal has a long-lived tradition of artistry. Wooden craftsmanship has developed more than anything else in Nepal, since the early days of the 15th century.

Still, there are hundreds of buildings in the Kathmandu valley that reflect the imaginative expressiveness of our ancestors in the woods.

Besides that, the wall paintings and thangka paintings have flourished parallel to wooden craftsmanship.  The art galleries in Kathmandu are the perfect spot to contemplate the artistic creativity on the canvas.

Some of the popular names that come along with the name art galleries in Nepal are Woodcraft Gallery, Boudha Stupa Thangka Center, Universal Art Gallery, Nepal Art Council Gallery, Ritual Thangka, and Buddha Nepal Art Gallery. Many of these are recommended by TripAdvisor also.

Food Tours


Newars are the indigenous inhabitants of the Kathmandu valley. They celebrate many rituals and have an unknown number of festivals. Each of these festivals or rituals is accompanied by a grand feast, and the food items vary from one festival to the next.

These food recipes, along with the secrets of taste, are being handed down to the successive generations for ages, and now, the Newars have commercialized the foody business, which means they don’t wait for the festivals to prepare their dishes.

Also, some back-alley vendors serve new and delicious dishes at a relatively cheaper price.

If you are looking for a Tibetan Restaurant near Thamel, Gilingche Tibetan Restaurant is a good place to visit.

Family-Friendly Trips

Most of the hikes and sightseeing tours around Kathmandu are family-friendly. While sightseeing tours are mostly on a vehicle, hiking trips can be a bit more challenging. But these hikes are for a short time; so, anybody can attempt these short trips.

Luxury Trips


Luxury trips are equally popular in Kathmandu. If you have already been to Nepal and were curious about the luxurious stays in Kathmandu, then you would have heard the name Gokarna Forest Resort on top of the list.

This resort is surrounded by the forest and offers a wide range of activities for recreation. The rooms are furnished with beautiful antique souvenirs and paintings, and the architectures are marvelous.

Other places for luxurious stays in Nepal are the Boutique Hotels, particularly Babar Mahal Villas. This hotel has 4 distinct architectural styles: Upper Mustang Architecture, Newari Architecture, Neo-classical Rana Durbar Style, and Terai-styled architecture. The facilities and services are highly advanced, and this hotel epitomizes the historical growth of Nepal.

Yoga Excursions


For a happy mind, Yogas are scientifically verified techniques. This method of meditation has been practiced by the Hindu Saints (particularly in Nepal and India) for a long time.

The idea of yoga comes from the Vedic scriptures (inscribed in Sanskrit) and other holy books of the Hindus.

 In order to perform Yoga, you will need an open mind and tranquil setting; for that, the flat meadows up the sidehills of Kathmandu are the best place. This is why yoga excursions are best when you go from Kathmandu.

Photography Tours


If you are a passionate photographer, then make sure you visit the ancient mansions and historical temples of Kathmandu. These are one of the best places for photography. Plus, you may go for a hike to the popular vantage points around Kathmandu to capture some rare glimpses of nature.

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