6 Best Family Holidays in Nepal with Kids

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Holidays are special with loved ones. To make your family trip a special one, there are a lot of factors to consider; in case, one of the factors is neglected, the overall charm of the holiday gets spoiled, which is highly undesirable.

Therefore, by choosing the right destination and right holiday partners, you can create life-long unforgettable memories.

Chitwan Jungle Safari


Chitwan Jungle Safari is a complete wild expedition that takes you along the footsteps of the mighty Royal Bengal Tiger, hiding behind the dense bushes of Chitwan.

While it is equally evident that the glimpse of this endangered species of tiger is rare, encountering one-horned Asian rhinoceros may not be a big deal.

Moreover, lumbering elephants, floating crocodiles, swirling Python, and herds of spotted-deer will make your day, propelling your adventure to another dimension.

In Chitwan, the family adventure has a long history. For decades, families of all kinds have been enjoying the wilderness of Chitwan.

They believe that exploring the jungles with their dear ones has helped them come close to one another. Also, hundreds of couples have created romantic memories in the air of Chitwan.

To kickstart on this incredible journey, you have multiple options to choose from: Elephant safari, Jungle walk, canoe ride, or Jeep drive. Whatever you find comfortable, we will be on your side.

What’s more, if you feel like getting suggestions, our easy-going guides are there for you whenever needed. So, feel free to be in touch with us.

Pokhara valley tour


If you want to hang out with your family, then Pokhara is an ideal destination for you. Being located in one of the supreme natural settings, Pokhara hosts several adventure activities.

From the high-sky paragliding to the soul-threatening Bungee jumping, everything is available in the valley of Pokhara.

Despite that, when it comes to spending time in a peaceful ambiance, the silence of Rara, Begnas, and Phewa lakes is unavoidable. These places are completely out of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Shanti (literally translates to Peace) Stupa is another tailor-made destination to witness a panoramic glimpse of splendid mountains. Around the whereabouts of Sarangkot, Devis Fall, and Seti Gandaki, you feel like being out of the world.

For your curious explorer kids, delving into the centuries-old caves of Mahendra and Gupteshwor Mahadev would be a good idea. What’s more, you might want to explore the Butterfly museum to see hundreds of species of colorful Butterflies, which you have never encountered before. Going to Pokhara is a dream come true.

Kathmandu valley tour


Kathmandu is a historic city, whose mythical existence is supported by hundreds of stories and dozens of incomprehensible chronicles.

While Nepalese ridicule this city by the notion that the number of shrines outnumbers the total population, this is apparently true as there are more than hundreds of temples behind every alley. In the construction of this temple, Pagoda-style is the most featured design.

Among its dozens of brilliant architectural pieces, seven of them are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which means that exploring the city of Kathmandu is the same as traveling back in time.

These edifices are the product of centuries-old reformations by succeeding emperors throughout the episodes of history. From the ancient palaces (Durbar Squares) of Patan to the mysterious Swayambhunath temple, each is capable of provoking a pleasurable sensation as you walk along with these structures.

What is so good about Kathmandu is the people living here and their cuisines. Every family has something unique to offer. For instance: in the house of brahmins, you are sure to encounter sweet-delicacies, while in that of Newars, the cuisine and recipes are completely different.

Their hospitable nature is another big part of Kathmandu (the whole of Nepal). So, if you are thinking of spending time with your family, then going to Kathmandu for a valley tour could be one of your wisest decisions.



Bandipur is one of the most privileged sections of Nepal, whose history dates back several hundred years. Having remained a commercial hub for centuries, Bandipur is mainly renowned for its vantage point, which opens up the picturesque sceneries of the Northern Himalayan ranges.

The interesting part of Bandipur is that to witness these brilliant panoramas, you don’t have to climb up the hill on foot (but, there is an option): the black-topped road takes you to every possible alley.

Moreover, the quaint settlements of Newars have paid crucial attention to preserving their antique heritages and their authenticity. As in the past, the frequent influx of traders from different sects of the country, India, and Tibet have enriched this region with varied culture and tradition.

The locals still celebrate the rituals and festivals in the same manners as was taught by their superiors. So, that makes sense when I talk about the beautiful culture of Bandipur.

In addition to that, its 18th-century architectural fabrications add a unique taste to the trip to Bandipur. These structures are something you have never encountered before. While most of these structures are pagoda-style, some of these edifices have a European touch. So, you know how good this place is for you.

Homestay travel

Home Stay

“Travel deeper and live like a local” is a well-said caption about homestay. By no other way can you get an authentic taste of the local culture and tradition other than by staying on a homestay.

It is, indeed, a unique experience, while with the family, it is even more amazing. Your children will make new friends with the locals and learn about the lifestyle of other kids. And, for you, it is a romantic experience with your beloved spouse.

Homestay is available in many parts of the country. Among others, Sirubari Homestay is the first one, where there are still plenty of homes to stay on. During these homestays, you will get a chance to witness a brilliant sunrise over the mountains far behind the lush hills.

It feels like the sun is spreading life on Earth. Make your travel dream come true with your family by kicking off a homestay trip.



Being the birthplace of the legendary Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha), Lumbini has spiritual significance among the devotees. They go to Lumbini to worship the realm of Buddha. However, it is also a beautiful place to spend your time with the family.

There is an open ground where you can sit and create memorable moments with your dear ones.

Many of the pieces around the Lumbini dates back before the birth of Christ. For instance: the giant Ashoka pillar, which was built by the great Indian Emperor Ashoka while visiting the birthplace of Buddha, was erected in 249 BC (according to the inscription in the pillar).

It is said that right after the Buddha was born, he moved his first seven steps. These step marks are still preserved inside the Lumbini. What’s more, the remains of ancient Maya Devi (mother of Gautama Buddha) are still sublime. Enroll in the tranquility of Lumbini.

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