Top 10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Nepal

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‘Heaven is a myth, but Nepal is real.’ Many claims. But I have no factual argument that validates Nepal as heaven. Nepal is not even close to heaven; it is the most beautiful country in the world (not even in Asia). But still, there is a lot to see within this small land: waterfalls, lakes, mountains, cultures, plants, and animals.

  1. Water-Water Everywhere

With dozens of lakes and waterfalls, Nepal is intertwined with water bodies. Water comes down from the high Himalayas and shapes into different forms such as rivers, lakes, waterfalls, etc.

Some of the lakes are popular all over the globe. For example, Tilicho Lake (4919 m approx.), in northern Nepal, lies at the highest elevation in the world. Snowy mountains surround this lake and the water appears turquoise in color.

Likewise, Rara lake is famous for boating in a tranquil setting; Gokyo Lake for its beauty; Phoksundo lake for its depth; Gosainkunda for spiritual divinity; panch pokhari (Five Ponds) for photography.

Even waterfalls follow you in every part of the country. For example, in eastern Nepal, Pokali waterfall (130 m approx.) delights you, while in western Nepal, Pachal Waterfall (481 m approx.) mesmerizes your eye with its giant outlook.

  1. Know Mr. Snow

Including the world’s highest peak (Mt. Everest), Nepal possesses 7 out of 10 pinnacles in the world. Because of this, Nepal has also been nicknamed the country of mountains. Yet, nobody knows that over 50 snowy giants in Nepal are as beautiful as the gorgeous Everest.

Many of these mountains are open for adventure junkies like you and me to climb. Not all could make up to the summit of Everest. But there are dozens of peaks to choose from. Choose where you fit.

  1. Diversity in every city

Cultures and traditions vary within every 10 kilometers in Nepal. These are expressed in different ways, such as by dance, song, art, folklore, language, religion, festival, food, and drink.

People strictly adhered to their ancient beliefs and have been passing their cultures to the succeeding generation since several hundred years ago.

Surprisingly, over 20 festivals are celebrated every year with grandeur. One of which is the celebration of a living goddess, Kumari. One hundred twenty-three languages are still alive in the tongue of the Nepalese.

Hundreds of folklores are sung every year. What’s more, the arts of the medieval period are practiced even today. So here is why I say, Diversity in every city.  

  1. Talk in the forest walk.

The sceneries along the trekking routes of Nepal are so enticing that thousands of trekkers choose Nepal as their destination. Some popular trekking packages are Annapurna trek, Everest Base Camp Trek, Gokyo valley trek, Manaslu trek, and Mustang trek. Among others, trekking in the Annapurnas is commended as one of the bests in the world.

 We recommend you search more about Nepal before coming here.

New trekking routes are opened for those who love to be in isolated settings. Mardi Himal Trekking is one of those newly opened trekking routes and is less crowded than others.

Even in terms of difficulty, you have many choices to fit yourself in.

Notably, many of those are available at a low cost. So, anyone can go for it.

  1. Beauty in Antiquity

Nepal boasts dozens of heritage of the medieval period, over 10 of which are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. So, you may expect a lot of things from here. GUESS WHAT? Many of these sites are located within the Kathmandu valley. All these sites are built with different styles and reflect other concepts.

Don’t forget, the great architect Araniko was from Nepal.

Historic painting skills are still practiced today in Nepal. Thangka paintings have been alive for centuries and are loved by people from all over the globe. Other than that, Pashmina, Khukuri, and Singing bowl are widely sought-after handicrafts.

  1. Go wild

Hundreds of species of birds and animals make their living in Nepal’s wilderness. Among 900 species of birds in Nepal, over 543 are found in Chitwan National Park alone, which means you can enjoy the medley of birds from a single place.

Nepal is the first country to double the number of Bengal Tigers.

Also, a wide variety of plants exist here. For example, 2.8 percent of the total species on Earth are found in Nepal. So you know what to expect.

  1. Country of Gods

Do you know BUDDHA? The same Buddha sacrificed the Royal pleasure to whisper the message of peace to us. The same Buddha who lighted Asia and, fortunately, the world today. The same Buddha still wanders around the heads of millions of devotees around the globe.

He was born in Lumbini, Nepal. Soon after he was born, he moved his first seven steps, which are still preserved to date. Do you want to see?

Moreover, the Hindu goddess Sita is said to have been found in the field in Janakpur of Nepal. In the name of her father ‘Janak,’ a temple was built on the site of her birth in 1910. This temple is now known as a ‘Janaki temple.

  1. Rate the Climate

Climates around the residential area are neither too hot nor too cold. As you soar higher and higher, the temperature falls more and more.

The sky is almost always clear except in the monsoon when it rains.

In the trekking regions of Nepal, the temperature is slightly chilly. This makes trekking easy and less arduous.

Nepal can be the ultimate destination for those living in extreme climatic conditions. So, get ready to rate the climate.

  1. Escape the Landscape

From the plain land to the Hilly mountains, all is in Nepal. The landscapes are categorized as lower Terai, Middle Hilly, and Upper Mountains.

Lower Terai is flat land with a hot and humid climate. Middle Hilly is characterized by derelict land and a temperate climate. The upper mountain is characterized by rocky, barren land with a harsh chilly weather.

The vegetations grow thinner as we ascend.

What’s more, the distance between the lowest point Kechana (60 m asl) and the highest point Mt. Everest, is just 130 miles.

  1. Friends

Nepalese people are known for their friendly and pleasant nature. Wherever you go, the smiles follow you. If you like to know about something, they are ready to give as much information as possible. They love making friends and never miss the aliens. So, get ready.

They regard the guests as their god. ‘Atithi Debo Vawa’ is what people believe, which means worshiping the guests. You may be offered delicious cuisines on your visit to your Nepalese home.

In world war times, Nepali Gurkhas were praised for their bravery.

Surprisingly, people of different ethnicity may be found living together. This is Nepal.

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