Trekking in Nepal

Eternally we are always focused on exciting ourselves with the joy of traveling to some very exotic destinations where everything is different yet inspiring at the same time. And what better way to do precisely that than by trekking in Nepal!

Since the late 1950’s, tourism as a significant source of economic development has grown exponentially with many fruitful results. With the ever-rising numbers of foreign visitors, Nepal has inevitably become one of the world’s most popular travel destinations in recent years, and it seems that the broad expanse of tourism in Nepal will not slow down anytime soon.

More than half a million foreign visitors visit Nepal each year, as per the statistics shown by the Nepal Tourism Board in Kathmandu. Among them, a significant portion of foreign travelers come to Nepal just for trekking which is a great way to travel in Nepal and explore its incredible, stunning locations such as Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Upper Mustang, and many others, including Upper Dolpa -  a place similar to the breathtaking Tibetan Plateau.

Trekking in Nepal typically allows trekkers to enjoy their holidays by meeting people of various ethnic communities who live far away from the major touristic cities of Nepal. However, the difference in their principle ideology and creed can make western travelers wonder about their grateful existence, mainly if they belong to the Sherpa community who have managed to remain unscathed by the Himalayas as they live up north world’s highest mountain range – the Himalayas.

From professional alpinists, mountaineers, adventurers to the novice yet rousing trekkers who strive to find some of their most incredible life experiences, travel to the Himalayas of Nepal where the extreme weather conditions and exhausting land terrains can make way for great stories and experiences. The Himalayas have fascinated travelers worldwide for millennia, and it will not be untrue to declare one of the Himalayan mountains – Mt. Everest as the blessing of mother nature itself.

To get the chance to see the majestic Himalayas with one’s eyes can itself be a remarkable travel experience for many. And if you could trek to the EBC or ABC, there would not be anything more breathtaking than the struggles you went through to get there; in retrospect that trekking in Nepal is a lifting, enriching adventure activity for all those who dare to go beyond their limits and overcome their boundaries!

So, if there’s an adventure worth doing in Nepal, then it would be ‘Trekking.’ So, have a look down below and go through our list of spectacular trekking regions of Nepal. If you find one that you like, then contact us for booking of that trek package.