Why should one explore Nepal?

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“Nepal; a dream destination with enthralling natural wonders all around.”

Widely known as the nation of Mt. Everest and also the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Nepal is a standout amongst the most wonderful nations on the planet. Stereotypically speaking Nepal is a fantasy destination for the greater part of the wide-ranging travel enthusiasts everywhere throughout the world.

By looking at the topic, you might have already guessed what I am about to discuss but here I am about to assess all the available factors as to why you should visit this small yet alluring Nepalese nation of vibrant charm. 

Nepal, being a landlocked nation between two overwhelming Asian pecuniary forces of India and China, still has a lot to offer to those who yearn to visit Nepal this year. The Himalayan nation, as far back as it opened up its outskirts to the foreigners in the mid-1950s, has been a noteworthy travel destination in South Asia majorly for its serene multi-religious, multi-ethnic, and multi-social atmosphere.

Having eight of the world's 10 most astounding mountains including Mt. Everest. Nepal Himalaya comprises more than 1,310 pinnacles including numerous 8,000-meter summits like Everest, Annapurna, Lhotse, Kangchenjunga, Makalu, Manaslu, Dhaulagiri, and Cho Oyu.

The first thing that may come to a traveler’s mind while thinking about Nepal might be trekking as Nepal is often referred to as "Trekker's Paradise" for travelers wanting a tryst with nature. Trekkers appreciate glorious mountains, turbulent frothing streams and grandiose waterfalls, view of enchanting towns amid short and long treks.

A massive 55.8% of Nepal’s 140,000 yearly tourists trek the Annapurna Circuit. The other major route will be Everest, at its base that meets resolute trekkers as they begin and end their ultimate mountain venture.

 If you have less time to make a memorable trip in Nepal then only 12km east of the bustling capital city of Kathmandu is Bhaktapur, an atmospheric nod to the past, an old city with few signs of modernity within its tangled maze of backstreets. You can easily spend your day strolling around this iconic area or you may go for a hike to Namo Buddha, one of the most sacred Buddhist sites in Nepal, where you can replenish your righteousness.

If you’re handy with a paddle and up for a daring challenge then the Bhote Koshi, which runs through Nepal from its freezing headwaters in Tibet, is the sharpest and roughest salable rafting river in Nepal. Along with that Nepal has a variety of miscellaneous adventure-filled activities for tourists with a thirst for some blood-pumping thrills.

Such as you may want to try Paragliding, Zip-flier, Rock climbing, Canyoning, and many more… Not just that but, you can explore Nepal’s incredible diversity by visiting the Chitwan National Park where the varied wildlife is concentrated, but the vegetation is dense; so you can get a proper jungle adventure.

Home of the well-known Gurkha warriors and Sherpa climbers, only a couple of nations on the planet offer the most staggering trekking routes and geographical diversity of delicate and thrilling adventure tourism as in Nepal.

So if you still haven’t planned a trip to Nepal then what are you waiting for. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so why not visit Nepal this year and add some extra blend of adventure and joy to this enchanting nation.

Krishna Sapkota

Krishna is a content writer and tour guide of Holy Mountain Treks. As a guide and a writer, he has paid a visit to almost all the touristic destinations in Nepal. He has also been to major Trekking termini in Nepal. By means of his personal knowledge and experiences, he responds all your interrogations, creates blogs, articles and develops itineraries for your trips.

Krishna has been working in tourism sector since 2017, as he was running his Masters' degree. Afterward the accomplishment of his graduation, he is fully keen in this industry.

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