8 Great Reasons to choose Everest Base Camp Trek

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Reasons to choose Everest Base Camp Trek

There are several reasons why one should choose Everest Base Camp Trek. One of the most adventurous and well-known journeys of the entire planet, Everest Base Camp Trek has become a dreamed destination for numerous adventure lovers from entire this planet.

This grand journey leads adventurers from the low-lying forested hills to the foot of the world’s tallest mountain peak leaving a plethora of settlements, lustrous flora, and fauna of Sagarmatha National Park-the highest elevated national park of the world.

People from all parts of the world pay a visit to this amazing place. The fame of this trek is well-deserving as the adventure presents amazing highlights and features that capture the true essence of Nepal’s Himalayan life, Sherpa cultures, and topography.

Getting to the top of Everest entails a ton of money, training, and luck. Base Camp, however, is a much more achievable option. thousands of people complete this journey each year. Regarding the challenges, it is something adventurous and is the kind of trek that you will remember for a lifetime.

It is an ample opportunity to march towards the base of Everest and it sounds like a great achievement itself. Along with that to supercilious mountains and blissful landscape, the trek to Everest Base Camp has so much more and so many grandeurs loaded in its domain.

You cannot experience such topography and views anywhere on the earth. Standing at any point during the trek, one can sightsee the milieu painted with dramatic mountain views. The changed elevation from 2600m (Phakding) to 5364m (Everest Base Camp), witnesses distinct vegetation, wildlife, and bird types.

Numerous articles these days are being published about how Everest is losing its hidden gem by welcoming numerous trekkers each year.  It is fact that the increasing number of people trekking/climbing in the Khumbu region has raised dramatically. However, it is still is one of a lifetime adventure.

A plethora of options are available along with the Base Camp in the Everest regions. Small peaks and some high passes can be done by combining this trek. Therefore, it is true that trekking at EBC is an amazing way of challenging yourself, discovering very uncommon cultural values, and observation of stunning landscapes.

Along with these all, exploration of the lustrous and attractive Sherpa residency in the different terrains and valleys is amazingly memorable. Taken as the guardians of the Himalayas, Sherpas are legendary, brave, bold, and courageous. Climbing giant mountain peaks are possible with the help of these people only.

Numerous religious monuments as monasteries, chortens, gompas, prayer wheels, prayer flags, and large Mane walls fascinate you with spiritual energy. The trail cruising along the bosom of numerous wildflowers especially in spring months, over the rivers, and across the passes can be challenging.

But this very challenge shall reward you with mystical mountain virtues. Here are the top great reasons why one should complete Everest Camp Trek at least once in a lifetime.

8. A scenic flight to and from Lukla

A scenic flight to and from Lukla-during-Everest-Base-Camp-Trek

The journeys to Khumbu/Everest region officially begin after a short but scenic flight to Lukla. This is the easiest, shortest, and most convenient route to march in the Everest section of Nepal.

A small adventure of Lukla flight lands on Lukla airport- popular as the Tenzing-Hillary Airport that situates atop a cliff and drops off downwards at the end of the runway.

Considered one of the most thrilling airports on this planet, the aircraft flies over high hills, cliffs, forested lands, mountain peaks, and enormous rocks landing on one of the shortest runways in the world.

Consistently, the short flight to Lukla is sure to stay in the minds of all those who do it, as the flight offers an almighty view of the expanding massifs. It presents beautiful sceneries of the change in topography as one leaves the hills and enters into the Himalayan foothills.

7.Exploration of Sherpa Unique Culture

A multi-religious, multi-ethnic, diverse country-Nepal is rich in cultural performances. One can explore fascinating cultures and traditional but unique performances throughout the trip to EBC.

Every single day, one can witnesses at least a novice cultural practice. A journey commences early and ends walking after 6-8 hours on average. The rest of the time can be spent exploring the people, and the way of living around the settlements.

 Journeying to the Everest Base Camp, each and every settlement, place, people seem affected by Tibetan traditions, rituals, and culture.

Along with an uncommon culture and bravery, sherpas are famous for their grand festivals. In the Khumbu region, you might witness any of the three major festivals that take place among the Sherpa communities viz. Lhosar, Harvest, and the Mani Rimdu Festival.

6. Exotic flora and fauna inside Sagarmatha National Park

The highest elevated National Park of the planet- Sagarmatha National Park situates on the way to the way of Everest Base Camp Trek.

A World Heritage Site of Nepal-this park was established in 1976 and covers the topography of 1148sq Km extending from Monjo (2835m the lowest point) to the top of Mt. Everest (8848.86m, the highest point.  

The vegetation found at the lower altitude of the park includes pine and hemlock forests, like fir, juniper, birch and rhododendron, scrub, and alpine plant communities are common at the higher altitude.

The Park is home to the red panda, snow leopard, musk deer, Himalayan tahr, marten, Himalayan mouse hare (pika), and over 118 species of bird including the Impeyan pheasant, snow cock, blood pheasant, red-billed cough, etc.

Manjo is the beginning point of Sagarmatha National Park where our entry permit gets checked. In the lower forested zone of Sagarmatha National Park, birch, juniper, blue pines, firs, bamboo and rhododendron grow.

Spring months from March to the end of May months, where walking will be more exciting with the famed bloom of rhododendrons flowers with various species of spring wildflowers.

Where Yeti or snowman story among local Sherpa has become a legendry and folklore, where adventurer still exploring to find the wild snowman the Yeti around Himalaya and around Everest region might have existed in the past hundreds of years ago.

5. Step at the Everest Base Camp-the foot of Everest

Of course, one of the greatest reasons to dare this journey is to step on the foot of the tallest peak of the planet-Mt. Everest.

Stepping there will be the most incredible moment of this extraordinary challenge is reaching your finish line of the Everest Base Camp, undoubtedly the most significant highlight of your whole adventure.

Trekking for over a week and finally reaching the base camp is a gratifying feeling. There is no better excitement than reaching your end goal and celebrating with your fellow trekkers to the backdrop of the mighty mountains.

The sense of captivation and inspiration becomes too big to hold as one stands under the shadow of the world’s tallest Himalayan peak, surrounded by snow and vast openness under the clear sky.

Of course, the most incredible moment of this extraordinary challenge is reaching your finish line of the Everest Base Camp, undoubtedly the most significant highlight of your whole adventure.

There is no better feeling than reaching your end goal and celebrating with your fellow trekkers to the backdrop of the mighty mountains. The entire Everest Base Camp area embellished with colorful prayer flags, a large valley, apex touching snow peaks, and beautiful Khumbu Glacier Icefall. The sheer size and the bulk of the mountains are sure to lift anyone’s spirits.

4. Well-Managed and Safe Trekking Route

Well-Managed and Safe Trekking Route - in Everest Base Camp Trek

Regarded as one of the most desired trekking routes of this planet-Everest Base Camp trek passes through many high Himalayan villages with a sufficient number of tea houses for lodging.

Well-established trekking routes, well-marked destinations, less confusing journeys, hospitable, kind, and helpful trekking guides make the journey more enjoyable and convenient.

In spite of being in the Himalayan villages, one shall be in access to the internet, hot shower, and varieties of eateries. Some of the best hotels are awaiting you. Any trained guide who leads you towards Everest will take your safety into top consideration.

3. Stunning Views

Stunning Views during Everest Base Camp Trekking Route

Without much confusion, it is vivid that Nepal is a gorgeous country in every aspect. From the buzzing streets of Kathmandu to the peace of the solitary monasteries in the mountains the beauty of the landscape and architecture is omnipresent. You will be surrounded by the majestic glittering world-class peaks including the top of the world.

The vantage points as Everest View Hotel, Nagarjun Hill, Kalapatthar, and Everest Base Camp offer spectacular sceneries of the mountain peaks, lustrous vales, beautiful settlements, changed but astounding vegetation, glaciers, torrential rivers, high yak pastures, magnificent waterfalls, and more. The first rays over the entire mountain ranges look breathtaking.

2. The religious shrines and ethnic settlements

The religious shrines and  ethnic settlements-during-Everest-Base-Camp-Trek

Along with adventures, visiting Everest is for a spiritual purpose as well. While trekking one can witness gompas, monasteries, chortens, prayer wheels, and flags, long Mane walls are common in every stop or settlement.

Amongst the sundry spiritual symbolisms the trek grants, the Tengboche Monastery is perhaps the most famed and revered one.

It is a striking Buddhist hermitage situated in the Tengboche village. Trekkers often visit the monastery for blessings of a successful journey from the Buddhist monks who reside there. Exploring this monastery among others is another highlight of this trek.

Visiting the different Sherpa settlements as Lukla, Phakding, Namche, Khumjung, Kunde, Tengboche, Dingboche, Lobuche, Pheriche, and Gorekshep, one can explore authentic Tibetan flavored lifestyles and the way of living by them during this trek.

1. Great Combined Treks and Expeditions

Trekking Everest region offers plenty of trekking and climbing destinations as Mera and Island Peak, Everest Three High Passes, Everest Base Camp, Cho La Pass, Gokyo Lake Trek, Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek, Everest Expedition, Lobuche Expedition, Ama Dablam Climbing, and many more. Combining any of these journeys along with Everest Base Camp Trek is exceptional.


Everest Base Camp Trek is full of exciting, surprising, and adventuring activities that are enough to blow your mind with joy and happiness.

Although it is doable throughout the year, most of the trekkers prefer journeys in the spring and the autumn, which last from March to May and September to December respectively. Any travel enthusiast can afford this with a bit of physical preparation and psychological determination.

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