Special Offers


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Another way to make sure that you get the most popular trip package at the most affordable price is by looking for special offers on our website. Whether it be Christmas, New Year Eve or any other festive occasion, we always offer discounts of various trips in form of special offers. So, if you are planning your holiday in Nepal during some exciting festivity then you might be lucky enough to get special offers on our available trip packages.

Because our customers love coming to Nepal for their own celebratory, special achievements and moments, we try our best to give them as much discounts as possible whenever we can. Special offers are timely available so even if you have missed out on one special offer trip package, then don’t let yourself down as there will be several others in the near future. Just keep yourself up to date by checking our website routinely. And you may never know when you will find your dream trip to Nepal in the most budget friendly price tag.