Solo Travel

An adventure is what we as humans always strived to achieve. Each of us has a different approach to life. Some may want to just keep working and then enjoy a couple of fun free leisure days with their friends and families. But just like that, there are some people out there who really want to make use of their holidays/vacations by challenging themselves with some thrill-packed fun and cool activities like traveling solo in Nepal.

We can think of million reasons why you might want to travel solo in Nepal. After all, Nepal is a tourist-friendly country that has open and uncluttered pathways lined up to help adventure enthusiasts get the most of their holidays in Nepal. In addition to that, there’s a burdensome reason to travel solo in Nepal as most who prefer going on a group trip later find out that when you travel in a group, very less things are customizable as per your preference. This happens commonly in most of the organized group trips as people from various countries may get placed or mixed up into one group where most of them will be strangers with different choices and tastes.

Traveling in Nepal can be life-changing. However, when you are in a group filled with unknown travelers from different countries that are basically strangers to you then you might face some challenges which you were not hoping for. So, if you don’t want that happening to you during your holidays in Nepal then you must choose one of our ‘Solo Travel’ trip packages that are designed to give you much more freedom to do what you like than any other trip.