Thanks to its rich history and vast natural landscapes, Nepal is a travelers’ paradise bursting with many sightseeing travel opportunities, gastronomical delights, stunning geological wonders found nowhere else in the world. Hence, it’s only customary to point that nearly every part of Nepal has the ability to overwhelm foreign travelers with a diverse range of authentic, genuine travel experiences that are simply irresistible in the course of time.

Whether you want to go on a breathtaking Himalayan trek to the glorious base camp of Mt. Everest- the world’s highest mountain or experience the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu city/ Pokhara city, Nepal has it all. From the majestic Himalayas covered up with snow and subalpine natural terrains to the luxurious plains of Terai the feature awe-inspiring greenery and thriving wildlife. No matter what your initial preferences are, you can rest assure that traveling in Nepal will be a thoroughly enjoyable, blissful throughout your holidays. So, even if you are planning a family trip to much-fascinated Ghorepani Poonhill to gaze at picturesque landscapes featuring some of the world’s highest mountain prepare yourself for some great mouth-watering local delicacies and stunning ancient historical sites that have caught the attention of foreign travelers.

Geography and Weather

Traveling in Nepal will be a definite adventure for travel enthusiasts around the world. Either it be a few short days for a sightseeing tour or a long trekking adventure into the grand Himalayas, traveling in general will be an exciting adventure for everyone – no matter what their current ag Show More

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Boasting an extensive yet enthralling UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Nepal is engulfed with traditional cultures, well-preserved temples and historical structures which hold great values and regards. You can discover Intricate architectural buildings featuring surrealistic natural scenery. And learn a Show More

Prospect of Tourism in Nepal

Traveling is a way to enumerate and contrive about quintessential facts that were previously left unknown or untold. You can dream up about places by simulating the thoughts and stories shared by others. However, unless you personally visit a place, you will always be left out from the true identity Show More

Nepal’s Diverse Natural Landscape

Unsurprisingly, Nepal stands out from the rest with apparent presence of diverse natural landscape. Burgeoning terrains covered up with immense growth of lush green forests and vegetation are a major attraction for foreign travelers. Hence, thousands of foreigners plan their travel holidays in Nepal Show More

Unique Festivals and Traditions

Referred as a culturally and naturally gifted country, Nepal is a go to place for many travelers who wish to discover breathtaking travel routes and destinations. Enchanting villages, mesmerizing river streams and waterfalls, tourist friendly local communities, overwhelming cultural and historical u Show More

Best Time to Visit Nepal

For many traveling is a great means to reprieve themselves by gaining enriching travel experience with lots of memorable encounters. I am literally unable to describe how much Nepal has to offer in terms of exotic travel locations, breathtaking landscapes, eye-catching cultural and traditional norms Show More

Outdoor Travel Activities

Adventure enthusiasts who want to make sure that each day of their life is made up great adventures which provide them the much-needed thrills and excitement will eventually make their way to Nepal. Mainly because, Nepal offers a great setting for adventurers. It can be the persistent thrill of exp Show More