Happy Valentine’s Day!

James Emmerich

On this day of LOVE…….  We would like to express our sincere appreciation to everyone who has supported Wrapped in Love’s mission to comfort patients with a BIG blanket HUG!

As many of you may know, February 14th is the day my husband Jim, passed …… In 2011, Wrapped in Love was created in his memory. We are so very grateful to you all for for helping us to spread love and comfort others.

Wrapped in Love NEWS!!!!

A very special thank you to the Clean Slate Event Hosts……Brian Kirk, Courtney Harding and Robin Emmerich………. J. Black’s, sponsors and everyone who attended this AWESOME event in Austin, Texas on January 22, 2013. Proceeds benefit Wrapped in Love.  Thank you  AUSTIN for your generosityJ we truly appreciate your support!!!

THE LATEST NEWS!!!!!!! A BIG Shout Out Special Thank You to the Hillman Cancer Center and Staff for hosting the Wrapped in Love Blanket Drive during the month of February. Due to the overwhelming response and enthusiastic staff…………. A  Blanket – Making Day will be held at Hillman. We are static and so very grateful to everyone who participated in this wonderful event! We are looking forward to meeting everyone and making lotssss of blankets!!!!

We are so very grateful and honored to be of service and look forward to comforting even more patients this year!!!!  Thank you ALL for helping us to spread LOVE!!!!

Darvina Emmerich

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Get Involved Wrapped in Love provides blankets, providing support and love for those suffering from cancer. We welcome all types of NEW handmade blankets to donate to patients in area hospitals. Recommended size (50x60) Hand-made quilts, Crocheted/knitted, No-Sew Polar fleece-tied blankets and HAND-MADE blankets.
Our Mission Inspired by the memory of James Emmerich, the mission of Wrapped in Love is to ease suffering among cancer patients and others with serious illnesses around the world by distributing blankets that bring comfort, peace and joy and remind all of us that we are children at heart.